BHW03_v2_18" Carbon Wheelset



- Maximum capacity:120kg
- Top Belgian spoke SAPIM CX-RAY
- 42mm carbon rim depth
- Straight pull hub
- Weight:1152g (Front 502g ; Rear 650g)
- 10 / 11 speeds cassette body carried
- Holes: Front 24 ; Rear 28
- O.L.D: Front 100mm ; Rear 135mm
A set of truly top carbon fiber disc brake wheelset,
wheather it is 18-inch(355) or 700C type.
The most important points : Balance and Stability.

To achieve excellent performance,
all parts of the wheel set are interlocked.

Can the design of hub structure meet the high-revolution speed requirements of small wheel diameters? Whether it is a selection for bearing, the lubricants with special specifications...,etc. There are a lot of details for developing the high quality hub.

The hub is the heart of a wheelset. And the force structures of a wheelset: SAPIM CX-RAY spokes; Nipples developed by O-Dot; Fine carbon fiber rim. Even taking into account the requirements of the knitting wheel master to tighten tightly by hand.

COLORPLUS Carbon wheels with the roundness tolerance ≤0.3mm.
Yaw size for wheel balance, true roundness for wheel rolling performance.
In order to achieve the best assembly performance with the highest quality parts, the carbon rims and nipples were specially designed for 355 small wheels demands.

The theory and products are in place. But the real test is the actual road riding.

We won't put the product be tested in the market and later verified.
The design director MR. OU YIMIN got personal riding experience accumulated over 50,000 kilometers, then designed the dedicated wheels for Birdy folding bikes.
There is currently no set of wheel sets with experience in yaw and maintenance.

COLORPLUS officially released 'BHW03_18" CARBON WHEELSET' from 2012.
We've almost sold 600 sets of 18-inch Birdy Disc carbon wheels.
After years of user experience and feedback, we have received a lot of praise from users.

A set of high-quality wheels is not the brand's own calculation.
The actual verification from the market and users is the best proof.


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