BHL02 Headlight



Metal parts : 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Bulb : CREE Chip LED
Lighting-identity principal Weight : 100 g
Batteries with : AAA / LR03 (1.5V)*3 Duracell
Waterproof : IP68

Illuminate modes ∕ times :
A. 60% continue ∕ 5hours
B. 100% continue ∕ 3hours
C. 100% Warning-Flashing ∕ 24hours (Flashing :90 Cycles / Minute)
D. 100% Explode-Flashing∕8hours (Flashing :200 Cycles / Minute)
Test condition for full-electric-power AKALINE Battery

Made in TAIWAN ( Design / Test / Production )
Passed the SGS electronic safety certification,
in line with the US FCC and the EU CE safety requirements.
Also passed the German K-mark bike lights safety certification.
★ K-mark bicycle light safety requirements :
Square block projection lamp type, 100 lumens of brightness in four corners and the center. When fully charged, 100% brightness, at least last for 3 hours.
★ Because of the battery of each brand, the degree of voltage drop under continuous use is different. When the weak current indicator is on, about 40% of the battery's power supply capacity is left, and the new battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

★ Suggestion: Use rechargeable batteries with low self-discharge, which can be reused, environmentally friendly and economical.

★ It's recommended to use Panasonic eneloop pro self-discharge battery, with stable quality, which can show the high brightness of BHL01 and BHL02, and achieve sufficient lighting function at night.

★ It's recommended to take out the battery holder after each use to avoid the battery being left idle for too long. If there is serious battery leakage, the battery holder cannot be restored.


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