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COLORPLUS is a brand founded by O-Dot Design CO., LTD. in 2009.  


Because the design director Ou Yimin fell in love with Birdy, and keen to cycle. Then he decided to produce retrofit kit belong to the Birdy bikes. Make his expertise and strength combined with the passion for cycling. Put much passionate into the own brand to produce merchandise. 



The design director Ou Yimin has been a great fan of BIRDY folding bike. In the beginning only one person immerses in BIRDY upgrading parts. MR. Ou rode his Birdy classic almost every night. The rides of distance more than 8000KM, prompted him to make the modifications he needed. 


歐一民總監從身為一個BIRDY超級粉絲開始最初只有個人醉心BIRDY的升級工事,他幾乎每天晚上下班後都騎著他的BIRDY Classic出去兜風。超過8000公里的騎行,促使歐總製造出他個人所需要的改裝 

The yellow one on the wall was the 1st Birdy for MR. Ou. 牆上掛著的是歐總的第一台BIRDY 


COLORPLUS has been operating for 10 years since 2009 and is recognized as the most luxurious Birdy fitting parts brand. COLORPLUS also began to develop Brompton series of goods since 2017.  Design Director Mr. Ou Yimin develops the new items from his own needs as being a product user. COLORPLUS team managed the brand with care and insist on high quality products and service. From the past to the present, we have always maintained the original intention, and still standing in the user's point of view to offer products and service. 





Ten years to come, we sincerely thank all the friends who supported COLORPLUS. We will celebrate this milestone with the release of the 10th Anniversary Exclusive Edition Birdy parts group set. 




#Colorplus #OdotDesign #10thAnniversary #10years #Birdy #groupset 

#Colorplus #OdotDesign #10thAnniversary #10years #Birdy #groupset #十週年 



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