【DLC 鑽石黑系列】 DLC Coatings : Diamond-Like Carbon Featured

DLC - Diamond-Like Carbon 塗層具有高硬度和低摩擦係數的獨特組合 — 兼具鑽石的硬度和石墨的潤滑性。DLC 塗料環保,可使產品減少摩擦、磨損、摩擦、磨損和腐蝕。由於 DLC 塗料的誘人顏色,它們通常被應用於精品的裝飾,如製錶、珠寶、廚房、汽車內飾、槍支等領域,將美學和性能兩者結合在一起。



目前DLC 鑽石鍍膜的勞力士腕表已成為引領潮流並創建新的設計基準,DLC為手錶增加了強度,耐用性和風格。使用DLC手錶,可以減少刮傷的恐懼,在配戴豪華手錶時更優雅自在。腕錶照片來源: blaken.com






DLC Coatings : Diamond-Like Carbon

DLC coatings offer a unique combination of high hardness and low friction coefficient — ‘the hardness of diamond and the lubricity of graphite’. DLC coatings are environmentally friendly and can be used to reduce friction, wear, fretting, galling and corrosion. Due to the attractive colors of DLC coatings, they are often applied in decorative applications such as watchmaking, jewelry, kitchen and bath hardware, automotive interiors, firearms and other fields, combining both aesthetics and performance.

The premium watch companies like Rolex, Panerai, Omega, etc flaunt ace through design and features. The idea of Diamond Like Carbon is the hottest trend in the watches industry. This special coating adds toughness and admiration to the luxury watches. It is another benchmark through watchmaking that evolved and nourished by expert tools, technologies and hands. Adding more design features to the watch is more feasible with DLC or Diamond Like Carbon coatings. It really make the timekeeper a luxury for you complements your personality.

The DLC coated Rolex watches have become trend-setters and created new design benchmarks. DLC is popular as it adds more strength, durability and style to the watches. Forget the scare of a scar, with DLC. Its professionals will precisely add the coatings onto your beloved timepiece. It adds more elegance to your luxury watches.

Now COLORPLUS uses the DLC coating to the titanium seatpost and handlebar to give them a luxurious metallic sheen, and to the next level in the material selection of bicycle spare parts, with a new aesthetic and functionality.

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