【COLORPLUS品牌誕生之前】 Before the birth of COLORPLUS Featured

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O-Dot Design CO., LTD. 

The company was established on 2003 by the designer MR. Ou Yi-Min.

Before the birth of brand COLORPLUS, MR. Ou has been a famous designer for long time.

Director Ou Yimin's design, innovative and practical products, distributed in various field, walking in the forefront of the times. 



二十年前歐一民總監幫台灣利碟設計的USB讀卡機德意志博物館Deutsches Museum收錄為永久收藏作品這個案子讓歐總印象深刻當時在客戶的頂樓員工餐廳當場用手繪定案。

20 years ago, the USB reader designed by MR. Ou Yimin was included as a permanent collection by the Deutsches Museum.

((德意志博物館及其分館是傳播科學和技術知識以及科學與社會之間建設性對話的傑出場所。它成立 1903年, 是世界上最古老的科技博物館之, 總展覽面積為 66, 000 平方米, 是世界上最大的博物館之。其獨特的原創展品收藏使德意志博物館成為慶祝科學和技術作為一項文化活動的主要國際場所。作為德國具有國家意義的主要研究博物館, 它得到巴伐利亞州、聯邦政府和德國各州的支援, 是萊布尼茨協會的成員。The Deutsches Museum with its branch museums is an outstanding place for communicating scientific and technical knowledge and for a constructive dialogue between science and society. Established in 1903, it is among the world's oldest museums of science and technology and, with total exhibition space of 66,000 square m², one of the largest. Its unique collection of original exhibits makes Deutsches Museum a leading international venue for celebrating science and technology as a cultural endeavour. As a major German research museum of national significance, it is supported by the state of Bavaria, the federal government and the German states and is a member of the Leibniz Association.))


This series of fitness equipment is Mr. Ou Yimin's work in about 1998 years. This product has not been discontinued until 2010. In the year's Fitness equipment modeling design is a big breakthrough. It’s worth the special description of the elliptical machine. Through color changes, Hammerin Germany sold it for 16 years before exiting the market.

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